Music, the mosaic of the air
Andrew Marvell

Mosaïc Saxophone Quartet

Mosaïc : a combination of many disparate parts drawn together to form one thing. What better name for a quartet bringing together musicians with roots in Britain, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Romania. This diversity brought us together as friends and proves an endless source of musical inspiration. It is our pleasure to share the results with you, through the language of chamber music. The little-known formation of the saxophone quartet won’t fail to surprise you, taking you on a journey across musical borders.

The saxophonists

  • Thibault Collienne

    baritone saxophone
  • Lydie Schroeder

    tenor saxophone
  • William Upton

    alto saxophone
  • Mélina Zéléniuc

    soprano saxophone


Our repertoires

MSQ walking in park

See us live

Future events

  • 06 October 2024, 11:00

    Concert Cavatine Maison de la Poésie, Rue Fumal 28 Namur (B)

Past events

  • 10 December 2021, 20:00

    Concert Atlwies, Luxembourg
  • 18 October 2022, 19:00

    Académie de Musique Braine l'Alleud - Belgique
  • 25 March 2023, 13:00

    Cérémonie Académique Centre Sportif Bridel - Luxembourg
  • 25 November 2023, 15:00

    Concert avec la Chorale "Kamerkoor Quartna" Maastricht - Pays-Bas
  • 21 January 2024, 11:00

    MSQ à la Fondation Valentiny Remerschen Schengen, Luxembourg
  • 21 March 2024, 12:00

    Concert Bach Villa Vauban, Luxembourg

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